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Arizona is 6th largest and 14th most populous state of the US. This historical state is located south-western state of the country and it is an economically diverse state rich with healthcare, tourism, copper mining and auto transport services.

Tourists come to visit this historic site, while business professionals explore it for its diversified economy.

The demand of auto transport services is very high in Arizona; the larger distance cannot be covered without help of trusted transportation companies. Hence, people prefer car shipping services to explore, migrate and run their business in state and across the country.

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Cost to Ship a car for Arizona

On Average, the cost of car shipping for a distance of 297 mi, from phoenix to Las Vegas it may cost around $350. Cost to ship a car from Oregon to Arizona for a distance of 1100-1200 mi, will cost $750. While cost of car shipping from Arizona to New York for a larger distance of 2000mi to 2200 mi will cost in-between 1300$-1500$

The cost is dependent upon a number of factors specially the distance, the running and non- running condition of the vehicle. Meanwhile, size, weight, length and type of vehicle also have significant impacts on the cost estimation.

Arizona Famous Places

Famous places to visit In Arizona

Arizona is also one of most attractive and beautiful states that have a lot to explore for history enthusiasts and tourists. These are some of the most famous places that have high attractions for tourists to visit this wonderful state.

  • Phoenix, (Camelback, golf & deserts).
  • The Grand Canyon National Park,(Mather Point and Grand Canyon).
  • Mountain Valley,(Most iconic images valley).
  • Hoover Dam,(Greatest Marvel engineering Dam).
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, (Histrionic Stonewalls, blue water and desert landscapes).
  • Horseshoe bend,(famous place for photography).
  • Tombstone,(Theatre and Tombstone historic Park).
  • Havasu fall,(waterfalls, Oasis and photos of Turquoise).

Facts about Arizona

  • Capital:

Phoenix is the fifth largest city of the US, having a population of 4948201. It is the most populated state capital among the Fifty States.

  • Natural Consistency:

Arizona, 85% of area consists of national parks, forests, geology reserves, recreation and wildlife preserves. No other state comprises such a huge area for nature.

  • Land:

Arizona is the sixth largest state as per land area among the fifty states of the US. It is comprised on land area of 2950100 km²

  • Tourism:

Arizona has visited by a record number of tourists in 2019. Approximately 47 million people visit the State of Arizona. It is also a place of attraction for international tourists.

  • Economic Contribution:

This state is not only famous for tourist’s attraction but this state is the leading exporter among all fifty states of the US. Its contribution to the economy is very high.

Factors to consider before shipping a vehicle in Arizona:

Arizona is a larger state by area and population. Auto transport demand is not too high as compared to other larger states but mostly huge companies are dealing here that have nationwide carrier networks. All State to State auto transport is a leading car shipping company that is dealing here. However, before shipping a year to/from or in Arizona consider these most important factors it will ensure you reach a good car shipping decision.

  • Insurance Coverage

It’s an important factor to be considered while shipping a car in Arizona or any other state. Make sure the auto transport Company has valid auto insurance; it will help to claim insurance in case of any damage during transit.

  • Performance review

While shipping a car to/from Arizona or you are planning to ship a vehicle or a motorcycle in Arizona, review the online performance of the company that will help you to reach a reliable auto transport decision. All State to State Auto Transport has a huge customer base with five star customer rating Score.

  • Auto transport type

Open or enclosed auto transport; make decisions on the basis of your transport need and budget for auto transport. Enclosed shipping cost is approximately 30% more as compared to open carriers but enclosed car shipping option is considered safer than open transport. Both transport categories are reliable to ship a car.

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