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What is boat auto transport

What is Boat Auto Transport?

It is a process of transporting boats from city to city or State to state or from one place to another place in the country by road transport. It’s considered the most cost efficient/cheapest, easy and expedited way to transport boats across the country. Boat transportation is very famous and its demand is increasing every year by boat enthusiasts. Florida is one of the most popular places in the USA for boat transportation due to its famous beaches.

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How to transport a boat

How to transport a boat?

These are the simple steps to transport a boat across the country.

  • Get a quote

Get a quote by submitting information to the cost calculator or call us at 1-(800)-550-1515 our toll free number to get an instant quote.

  • Complete or Book order

Complete your order so the auto transport team proceeds further for pickup of your boat.

  • Get the boat ready for pickup

Make sure your boat is ready and available at pickup date.

  • Boat Pickup and delivery

The last step in transportation is pickup and delivery of the boat in standard shipping time.

What does it cost to transport a boat?

An average cost to transport a boat up to 300 miles ranges from 300 $-500$, while for a 500 miles to 1000 miles of distance cost 400$-600$, and it costs 1.25$ to 2.75$ per mile for a long distance. How boat transport price is calculated: Boat type and its size, distance and season are some of the major factors that directly impact the boat transport prices.


Boat size

If size of boat, specially the width of beam is up to 9 feet’s it will cost 1.50 to 2.5$,if it ranges from 10-12 feet it will cost 2.10$ to 3.4$, while if width of boat beam is above than 12 feet its price range will be 2.40$- 3.70 $ per miles.
Multi boat hauler or step deck is used for transportation of small size boats, while flatbed trailers are used to transport big size boats. Great care and experience is required to pick up and put the boat on a transport vehicle. All State to State Auto Transport have an expert carrier network, our auto transport team has years of safe boat shipping experience.



If you are transporting a boat in summer it will definitely cost you less as compared to winter season. In winter bad weather is considered as a major factor for price hike and cause of deal in shipping process


Distance in miles

An Average cost to transport a boat up to 300 miles ranges from 300 $-500$, while for a 500 miles to 1000 miles of distance its cost ranges from 400$-600$, and its ranges from 1.25$ per mile to 2.75$ per mile for a long distance.

Why you should Ship your boat with
All State to State Auto Transport

Experienced and knowledge

Boat pick-up and delivery needs careful planning and execution. Our auto transport teams have boat transport knowledge with years of boat transportation experience.

No Upfront Payment

We don’t charge any amount until we assign a driver for the pickup of your boat. Once  we assign a driver for pickup of the item then we will ask for initial deposit.

Safety and Insurance Coverage

We strictly follow safety standards of auto and boat shipping to ensure safe shipping of these items; along with that our shipping services are in accordance with insurance standards of shipping.


Best way to transport a boat

Get online boat transport quotes from multiple companies and compare these quotes to get a price idea.

Checks the online performance of a company on Google, BBB, Transport reviews or Trust pilot performs or other and choose one that has a good average score.

Check bill of lading filled by transporter and make sure that all filled information’s are correct and take a picture of the boat that is going to ship, it will help you in insurance claim in case of any damage.

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Tips to prepare a boat for the pick up

These important saftey precautions should be followed before shipping a boat

  • Remove personal stuff like gloves, glasses or other items including radar units or other technical items.
  • Make sure the water tank is empty or remove water from the water tank.
  • Ensure the fuel level is not exceeding ¼ of the fuel tank.
  • Clean your boat its will save time of carrier in boat inspection
  • Disconnect Battery connection.

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